Thursday, November 19, 2009

Do cats suffer from personality disorders?

This is Weenus (Oliver)
He is my Mom & Sister Dana's cat.
He is about 6 Years old.

He is Not Friendly unless he wants to eat.
The only companionship he shows is by sitting in the same room as you.
He is a fussy eater and will destroy things when he is upset.

Sometimes, on an off chance he decides to be cuddly... he will come over and sit on your lap or act very happy to be pet.
He will usually allow you to be near him and show love for about 3 mins until he decides this was NOT what he wanted and he gently bites you, meows and walks away.

Is Weenus suffering from a personality disorder?
What is it that changes his mind and why does he have to bite when he is done being affectionate?