Sunday, January 17, 2010


I remember the long Sunday mornings, when we would lay in bed all day and not get up until 3PM because we were hungry...
You would invite all of your friends to eat with us and I would get upset because I wanted you all to myself ...
We would argue and take two hours deciding on what I wanted to eat...

The night would end early because everyone had work in the morning.

There we were in bed again, with the kitty right between us, sucking up all the love.
You would tell me that I was jealous of him, and I was.
We would watch our geeky shows until we both fell asleep, calling each other our silly names, cuddling close.

You used to tell me that I didn't fully appreciate those moments, and I didn't understand them but I used to think I couldn't go on without you... but I'm just truly happy to have had those moments... and I will forever keep them in my heart.

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