Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Another BIG Miss by 7-Eleven's Marketing Deptartment

Does 7-Eleven even have a Marketing Department?

Preface: The reason I Hate 7-Eleven so very much is because I actually love it. 7-Eleven supplies me DAILY with my favorite coffee ever. I easily spend $100 per month at 7-Eleven alone. Therefore, I spend $1200 annually at 7-Eleven... but what I am going to write in this blog-post should earn me a free lifetime supply of coffee (at least).

Now that 7-Eleven has teamed up with popular Japanese character Domo, they are pissing me off even more. Where is the online marketing for this limited time campaign? Did anyone at the corporate offices in Dallas, Texas research Domo before deciding to team up with this cute little mascot of Japanese television?

The campaign involves limited time Domo Coffee Cups, Slurpee cups, straws, brownies, hot dog holders, and so much more. The campaign is getting a huge amount of FREE press online that spreads from Gear Blogs to Foodie blogs to Toy Blogs and much much more...

The biggest factor of this campaign is the Fuji Frost which is the Domo inspired Slurpee which really just Fanta Apple which is ANOTHER big miss....

Slurpees are FAMOUS. It is a WELL BRANDED name. They are the signature drink of 7-Eleven! The Simpsons helped make these deliciously refreshing icy drinks insanely popular... The Simpsons used to be the BIGGEST kids show on TV but the original viewership grew older and surprisingly it seems like the trendy chilly drinks' appeal started to melt.... but WHY!! There is always going to be a market for people who want cold drinks with 65 grams of sugar in it!

So let's do the math.. We have a Insanely popular kids character, Domo and we have a famous icy beverage in a flavor that is sought after far and wide.. This could be HUGE.. however Slurpee.com is broken and there in ZERO functionality. It demands for the user to create aLink login to its community but times out after 2 mins on the site. SLURPEE FAIL!

The result of this equation is that we have a really great "In-Store Campaign". This campaign does not exist online at all... but the consumer are talking about it on Twitter .. constantly. They are even trying their OWN Guerrilla marketing techniques to promote it AND they have unanswered customer service answers.


How is the average person online supposed to perceive 7-Eleven? I would write about how awful this website is for the user experience, but I get paid to do that for a living...

7-Eleven did you know this is how over 27,000 people see you on Facebook?I wonder what the Legal Department think about this?

Your "Official" Facebook Fanpage doesn't even have any information on the DOMO promotion or a Store Locater link.. If I am on Facebook and want to know what 7-Eleven's current Slurpee flavors are.. I damn right expect to find it!

7-Eleven... Because I love you...
Please get your online act together!!
Bring back the Slurpee ..
and give me free coffee

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