Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Capitalism: A Love Story or an Addiction ?

Capitalism: A Love Story, the new documentary by Michael Moore has completely changed my mind about "caring".
I have always been the person who KNOWS.. American culture is corrupt. Fine, whatever, I know, what do you want me to do about it? Just let me do my yoga and shut up.

Michael Moore really makes you think... What is going to happen if we just continue to ignore these issues? Can we really go on saying "Who knows how it will be for my great-great-grandchildren?" Isn't it THAT bad right now?

Another documentary that will really make you think about our culture and what is completely wrong with it is "The Business of Getting High" - Before you think... ahh not another pro marijuana debate. This is serious.

Can we just for one moment compare culturally creating an intense fear and stigma around a natural plant to completely legal drugs like Nicotine, liquor, and prescription pills?

I have been discussing these topics with people of all ages, and most reactions are the same. Some people are convinced that things will get better and the system will work out it's kinks, others have the "What can I do about it" attitude, and some people are just down right bitter.

It's really upsetting but maybe that is what they want..

Without Fear, Stress, and Anger the people would stop taking their daily medications, buying illegal drugs, and most importantly... People would STOP spending money.

hey.. didn't India's Space Research Organization just find water on the Moon? Do you think UHual goes there?

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