Friday, November 14, 2008

Update on Frozen2late : November 2008

November 2008 has been a great success. I have really been working my butt off for clients at work. Going to all these big meetings has meant that I had to add very pretty and intelligent looking clothing to my wardrobe. This resulted in me adding even more fashion, style and make up blogs to my reader. I seriously read over 200 blogs a day at this point. I am unsure how easily it became a huge part of my routine but it has. Ishvara is growing at an exponential rate and is approaching his vet date for his neutering. He is not so happy about this.

To keep active and fit for all of my recent busy-ness, I have added Spin class to my routine. I feel like I see a lot of overweight people in spin class who are really good at the activity, but in my personal opinion.. Spin mixed with running and yoga is such a great way to tone up. I have achieved fitting into one size smaller and definitely feel that I am the most tone I have ever been. I still take yoga class around 3 times a week, but adding spin has definitely been the cherry on top of the sundae.

Great News! Due to the great success of the Anthony Kiedis autobiography, Scar Tissue... HBO has decided to put together a series dedicated to the life and times of Kiedis and his father. This show should be phenomenal. Kiedis' father, who happens to be an actor himself also served as a drug dealer to bands like The Who, and Led Zeppelin in the 70's (and took Anthony along for the ride). One thing that I hope is that this does not postpone the writing of the next Chili Peppers album that Chad Smith confirmed.

Once again, I am planning for another short trip to the Sivananda ashram in Paradise Island, Bahamas. I will be going alone this time and feel really excited to have a chance to relax and decompose. It will be a great opportunity to catch up with myself and my yoga practice. Of course, this will also be in preparation for an insanely busy 2009 work year.

In conclusion, I have been really happy this month. I feel like I am accomplishing many life goals and feel great about all of the changes that I have been going through. On a personal note, I would like to also attribute moar of my happiness to my new boyfriend who I have been seeing for almost 6 months now.. Things are going really well and I am extremely happy to have him in my life, growing with me. (I'd supply a link.. but we can keep the mystery for now.. I am sure at some point there will be tons of pics of us around the social networks :P)

Looking forward to shopping on Black Friday!! I hope to get all of my holiday shopping done... What do you want for Christmas/ Hanukkah?

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