Sunday, September 14, 2008

September 2008

I have been living on my own for a month and it has been a long hard kick in the butt. I really have to figure out my schedule. I also have to find motivation to work out harder. It is hard to want to do things when nobody is around. I should be running a lot more than I do. I live so close to my gym now and I haven only went there two times a week. The gym is open twenty four hours a day, which means I should go there almost everyday for a nice work out.

The commute to work is so great now. I have a few train times that I can take and it only takes around 30 mins.

Financially, this will be the best lesson I have ever learned. I am so used to spending whatever I want and on anything. But now that I have to pay rent, electric, gas, food, etc... I have to consider all of my bills. I never before really thought about leaving lights on before now. But at 23 .. it is time to learn!

So far I have learned many things this month :
  1. Fight for what you need = My Fios service got installed, My electric bill got lowered, and my kitteh got healthy.
  2. Don't mix different liquors at one party, go home and shower and go out to another party for more drinks = hangover beyond memory.
  3. Never stop running... keep running because fitness = happiness.
  4. Always pet your kittens. They respond only to love... and food.. they need those two things the most.
  5. Waking up early and smelling the dew and the rising sun is always better than sleeping in.
  6. Make sure to always use tough garbage bags... especially when throwing out kitteh litter.

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