Monday, September 01, 2008

Doing the Master Cleanse... Again

With the start of Yoga Month and the change of the seasons, I have decided to do a 5 day Master Cleanse. This is something I have done before...

It is very popular now because many celebrities have done the cleanse to lose weight or prep for a role/ concert/ etc. I am doing it because I just feel that it is important to cleanse and always be fresh. We clean everything else in our lives, why not the insides of our bodies?

Basically, all you do is drink water + freshly squeezed lemons + cayenne pepper + Organic Grade B Maple syrup. At night you drink some Senna Leaf tead.. and .. you can guess the rest.

I am currently on hour 16. I went through three bad hunger fits and had to take a two hour nap, which is something I haven't done in decades (OMG I am really old). Right now, I feel fine. I am preparing my work for the week and watching the US Open. However, I do feel some hunger about to strike.

The funny thing about fasting is that you begin to crave thing that you don't really love to eat. Currently, I am craving roast beef on rye with chips and pickles. However, I don't eat meat or white starch breads. So this is something I would never eat.

If you want to know more about the Master Cleanse and how great it is... Go here :

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My Life In Abundance said...

I think cleansing is just as important as keep a really healthy diet. I too have done the Master cleanse. I just do it for 5 days as well. After the 1st 24 hours it is a piece of cake! Good luck !