Sunday, December 16, 2007

Penn Station @ 3AM

I have never been to Penn Station at this time and I felt the need to live blog what is going on her on this snowy Saturday night.

There are people everywhere. They are sleeping on the floor. They have black plastic bags connected to their mouth just in case that last Miller Light comes back up. It is really upsetting.

The line for pizza is so long. Girls in mini skirts are shoving pepperoni slices in their mouths and swallowing huge chunks. Their eyed roll back into their heads and they giggle.

There are many people waiting for their 6 AM train to Ronkonkoma. Many couples.... The boyfriends head in their girls lap as they rub their back saying "oh honey you drank too much"

Do these girls in their new H&M outfits ever eat pizza the way they are now? Alcohol has strange effects on people, but without it where would this culture survive?

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