Sunday, November 04, 2007

Rory Gallagher Part II

Rory is now 5 months old. He is growing very fast. He is completely up to date with all of his shots and loves to go outside and play with other dogs.

  • He is unafraid of big dogs.
  • He loves to eat acorns, sticks and leaves from the outside.
  • He loves to eat his food, yogurt, fruit, and anything that falls on the floor.
  • He was very sick and had to be on medication.
  • He has a very uneasy stomach.
  • He can respond to his name.
  • He can fetch a toy.
  • He can sit on command.
  • He is very treat motivated.
  • He LOVES to sleep in bed, usually in someones arms.
  • He is not completely house broken. He still prefers to pee inside but he always knows to go #2 outside.

Here are some recent pictures:

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