Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sara Styles is a Ford Model, not a Yoga Instructor

Time for a Rant!

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I was reading the Shoemoney Blog on my feed, and there was a post with a link to what I thought was one of his presentations at Blogworld....(Because that's how it looked on my feed.)I thought it was going to be a video of his presentation where he discussed monetizing blogs. So of course, having not attended Blogworld, I wanted to see the Video.

I am taken to this video of this girl, above, and at first I thought it was a commercial before his video. So I am watching this girl and she is really disturbing to me because it is almost like she doesn't know how to speak. As if editing was not invented!

Then it gets worse. She is going to instruct "Yoga for Weightloss" and she goes into doing UMMMM, and UGHHH, while she is showing a very messy Suriyah Namaskar. When she comes up from forward bend she moves so fast and I really hope nobody is taking her seriously. I can see it now, millions of viewers following Sarah end up dizzy and passing out. The rest of the video is horrible, and I got really aggravated, hence this post.

So finally I go to Shoemoney's actual blog where the video of his presentation is embedded and I am thinking of changing my feed to Google Reader, instead of Bloglines, so this might not happen again.

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