Thursday, May 10, 2007

Take my hand... We're off to never never land

We didn't sign the lease for the apartment yet. There are some minor issues I suppose, no need to get into detail. We looked at another apartment tonight that was around the block from this one and it was on craigslist last night saying $1000 for 3br. There were loads of couples looking at the place. In the ad it did NOT say that it was a basement apartment that looked like it was out of Sesame Place. It would have made a cool recording studio anyway. Each room was the size of a vocal booth.. maybe two.

Speaking of recording studios....

I ended up hanging out at Breakdown today thinking I was going to see some apartments while Joe was at work. I saw Anthony and Frank and had a good time and then Nick showed up with the singer of the band The Sick List. She was a pretty cool chick. This band is the new band that my old drummer Viveca is playing the drums for. They were recording a demo with Nick and it sounded pretty good. I talked to Anthony, Nick, Viveca and Frank and we all got caught up as if nothing has gone by at all and it was a really good feeling.

So I suppose we will continue to look at apartments until we are satisfied...
This one looks amazing... but its a little out of our price range. There is always the art of negotiation.

I got a call from Om Yoga in Union Square today. They got my resume and want me to come in and meet them. They really liked me and want me to start working there starting July which is perfect timing for me and everyone around me. It would be the best place for me to work because Cyndi Lee is a yoga marketing genius. I hope the in person interview goes well but it seemed like I got the job right off the bat, based on how well the telephone conversation went.

Once we get our place... I am going to get a print of this framed for good luck. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Things are up and down and all around.

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