Saturday, May 26, 2007

Forest Hills

Today was quite an enjoyable day. Aside from being beautiful and sunny it was really productive. I taught two yoga classes which provided me with a great work out and then we went to eat a delicious meal at Quantum Leap. After that we showered and got ready to apartment hunt in Forest Hills.
I found a sublet on Craiglist for the next two months in the most perfect of areas. Two blocks from the LIRR and the E and F train for a great price. We met the guy and the apartment was amazing. I can't describe it in words and I can't believe that I didn't take any pictures. Surely I will take them once we get there because we decided to do it!!!
It will be beneficial for looking for more permanent places and it is easy traveling to anywhere. It is fully furnished with awesome furniture and it is really perfect. I wish we could have it forever. The man living there said he might be moving out at the end of the year.

I suppose I should include what I thought of Pirates of the Caribbean 3. The movie was 3 hours long, which was too long for me to stay focused. There were many switch ups and plot twists which was very confusing. Johnny Depp, in his old age, looked amazing. His acting was impeccable as always. Orlando Bloom had a stronger role this time and that was nice being that he is very good looking. Even Keith Richards made a strong appearance. I am satisfied that I have seen the whole trilogy but not satisfied that much with the movie. It got boring at times. I did enjoy my company. Being able to meet up with Lindsay for some old school dinner and talking and then later meeting with Liz, Catty and Mike at the movie theatres felt really nice.

Two more episodes left of the Sopranos. I am excited about tomorrows episode... I wonder what will happen!

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