Thursday, May 17, 2007

Boom Boom Bang..... I had to.

The past few days have been interesting enough to say that they have been interesting.
The weather is starting to feel like it might stay around for a while. The air smells like the season and people have these smiles on their faces.. like they usually do at the start of every season. In a month or so people will start to be upset again... complaining that it is too hot and sticky out . But that is human nature.
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I saw this at The Health Nuts the other day and found it to be really amusing. I still wouldn't eat them though.
Spring time fruit and cleanses are on the way.... !
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Back to working out and doing daily yoga and getting into tip top shape... Only one month until I have to wear a bathing suit. I'd like to tone up a bit and get rid of the late night snacks that I have been so nicely enjoying over the past months. :)

If I start going back to Astanga, I am sure to tone up just right.

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