Sunday, April 15, 2007

Om Namah Sivayah

Tonight I booked my flight for June 20-27th going from JFK to NAS.. thats right Nassau Bahamas. I'm going back to the ashram for a week with an unwilling companion, but he will like it when he gets there. I am not going for spiritual reasons, however that is a bonus. I'm going hopefully to celebrate new things in my life as well as graduation. I can't wait to wake up at 5:30 and go to strange is that? I guess just knowing that I am not going to be forced to do it everyday for one whole month is what is making me excited.

Yesterday we saw an amazing apartment in Bushwick but it was just such a horrible area of Bushwick (not close enough to E. Williamsburg). Then I went on craigslist and saw an even better apartment. In the ad the landlord asked for a detailed email about the people wanting to rent the place. I wrote a terrific email, but no response yet. I suppose that they received a lot of emails.

I really hope that we can find an apartment soon. I know that we are looking at a June 1st move in date at this point but I wish it was May 1st as we originally wanted. If the first amazing apartment calls up, then May 1st it is.

And then there is this shooting pain in my back that is so mysterious. It must be from that yoga incident when I turned my head during shoulderstnad (Don't Ever Do That!!). One of my ribs is noticeably seperated from my spine.. and now I get extreme pain at all times.... When I'm stressed, when it rains, and when I do yoga.....and I have a lot of wouldn't even imagine.

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