Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tie me to the bedpost...

There are times in your life when you accept all forms of your teachers. Your teacher could even be a pesky piece of paper that never makes it to the garbage pail. When we accept the forms of our lessons and who our teacher are, we become more skilled at understanding our path in life.

Lately I have been very much aware of moving doors. They close and open all around and I know the right door knobs to turn, the question is if I will actually turn them. I have never been the type of person to actually learn a lesson the right way. I have made it a point to do things in a backwards manner (of course not on purpose)... but this is the way I understand.

One thing is very clear.... the only path that is important in life is the one that we can do on our on. We can all chose partners and switch partners like we switch our sneakers. People will always gravitate in and out ... some people will remain in one place forever and they wont adapt to the new levels and others you can meet in different realms. Doesnt make one better than the other, all people are needed for this journey.

I know this seems very vague... but there is no sense in being specific. It wastes time. Lately I feel very much attacked... and I am finding that I shouldn't trust people that shouldn't trust me. I realize that people have been whispering about me.. .. and maybe its because I am changing or rather moving down my path... but I can't involve myself with pettiness anymore.

It's very important to stop planning.

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