Friday, March 16, 2007

This recording is the property of Type O Negative, Brooklyn, NY.

Dead Again is quite different than any other Type O Negative album for me...
It has all of the qualities that a TON album should have and even goes back to an 80's Carnivore feel occasionally... but its just not the same. It's better.
I've decided to let myself indulge in the album here and there. I will only see them play at Irving Plaza and I will not drive to NJ to see them.
This month so far has been very special for so many reasons. It will be an important month to so many people that I know. First the new album, next (tomorrow) is Chris and Danielle's wedding, then my birthday... then who knows. At this point I truly believe that anything could possibly happen.
I bought the most amazing dress to wear at the wedding. It is vintage silver/greyish with a black waiste band. Im sure I will have tons of pictures. I am anxious for the wedding to happen for them already, so many obstacles for them already. The rehearsal dinner was really amazing for me, even though there was no rehearsing going.
I'm really dissapointed that I am going to have to teach yoga in the morning. I have so much preparing to do for the wedding. I have my nails done, my toes, and I'm quite tan.. but I still need to do my hair and my make up and emotional prepatory things.
I will be 22 in ten days and Im so excited. I'm hoping for a few gifts that I'm not even really sure if I will get. I want the car that I heard so much about, and I want what I have been talking about daily for the past month. Aside from that I also want a digital camera that can take video, preferably long videos. I want broadway tickets to Edward Scissorhands and I want new keyboards. It might be asking for a long but if I got half of those things, I would still be a happy girl... and considering Im planning on moving in May... I cant get everything because some things are so much more important.

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