Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Yoga means union ....

For the most part, the holiday season is over. Everyone is finishing out 2006 committing their last acts of gluttony, betrayal, and sin. This includes myself. Now I ask myself the question, obviously of how deep do I want to get on blogger.com?
This year was very successful and very disappointing simultaneously. I feel as if I have won the Iron Man competition after fifteen hours. That is the most perfect metaphor actually. I have completed such an eventful year, but I really haven't done anything spectacular. Of course my family would argue, I finished community college. Is that something I am going brag about....Not really?
Of course, I really couldn't be in a better situation at the moment. I have two jobs that I love working. Everyday is a chance to do fun things with fun people. I have made friends that I know will be with me for a while, even though I know how many times I have had that feeling, I truly believe I am finally with the right people in my life.
More than anything, I am really basically content with my every moment. Which is something people wait their whole lives to feel. Of course we can always wonder about tomorrow, but first you must feel okay with today.... And I feel very okay with today.
I feel as though next year will be the most important year of my being. I am going away to an ashram in The Bahamas to study yoga and become the best yoga instructor I can be. I will be in the ashram for an entire month. I don't want to make this seem like a glamorous vacation. I will be working so hard in the ashram and in my practice. Of course there will be time to relax on the beach, but there will be no cocktails that is for sure.

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It does look relaxing and beautiful.

I am very excited to do this.

I know that this will change everything.

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