Friday, July 21, 2006

10 days!!

Ten days ago, I started the Lemonade Diet. I have lost about.... 7 lbs. I think it is a very successful diet. I would love to lose another 7lbs so I will continue to eat small portions, work out, and drink the lemonade instead of lunch. But I think I will skip the laxitive tea and salt water as a daily instruction. I don't think it is wise to drink that tea for more than ten days unless I was doing the Master Cleanse. I'm almost afraid of going without the tea because I don't know how my body will adjust.

The lemonade diet has really improved my sense of being. I feel really calm, at peace with my body and it's preformance. I completely reccomend it to anyone who suffers because of their body or self image.

I applied to a new Yoga studio a few block away from my house. The owner is very nice and he definitely seemed to lke me. He wants to take one of my yoga classes at Curves. So if any ladies want to help me out and come to my class so that the owner can see, please let me know. It would be an amazing thing for me to get another job as a yoga teacher, not only because I extremely enjoy it but because it pays very well!

I would love to get my official yoga teacher certificate but it is too expensive at this time. For just a bit over two thousand dollars and 200 hours of practice and studying, anyone can get their yoga certificate. I really want to go on some retreat to study and practice the beautiful practice of yoga but at this time, financially and time wise it would be a bad desicion to make.

Here are some pics from Dayglow's show at CBGB's. Taken by Liz's friend Jess :
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