Saturday, April 22, 2006

The weekend that made her lose it for good...

With the success of our website...

Liz and I prepare for a rewarding weekend, celebrating by going out to the Grand Opening of the Zen Lounge. However we forgot that we had to drive to Exit 62 on the LIE to watch my grandma's cat, appropriately named : Moo Moo.
We ended up staying overnight at my grandmother's house. Which ended up being actually pretty fun... Talking about old times, eating tons of junk food, etc...
My grandma felt extra bad for me not having a job and loaded me up with lots of money which was fabulous.
We came home in the rain and decided to go to the Zen Lounge tonight, after we had rested. We will need the rest because I will be picking up my parents tomorrow morning at Laguardi Airport. They are coming in from the short stay in Fort Lauderdale. Prior to picking them up I will have to pick up a gift and a cake for my father's birthday.
All of these activities are ones that Liz has no choice but to partake in, for various duties. ...

In the end she will look like this :Image hosting by Photobucket
Lately, she looks like this often ...
Although, I'm off to give her a hair cut.. So she will look like that with shorter hair.
I'm pondering the idea of dying my hair again ... .
I do like how the red is shining through in the summer... But I miss my black hair.
What to do???

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MyspaceMusicReview said...

Again, how can I thank you for posting these pictures?