Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Water Drops

It is 1:47 AM.
It is now Weds.
Still nothing.
I am completely aware that my existence is depleting as I write this.

I am also completely aware of the sound the toilet in my bathroom makes at this time of night. I'm sure it makes this much noise all the time, except this is the only time one can actually hear it.

The man to the left is Craig, he has a list.
I want to be him when I grow up.
He is in charge of my mind.
So far I have spent hours a day at his site.
He is helping get a job.
He tells me that I could live anywhere in the world.
I have money, therefore I am capable.

Today I spent a lot of time trying to make an idea that Liz had a reality.
She had an idea to make a web site/ blog that would review the Myspace pages of bands, both popular and unknown.
In exchange for their review, they are asked to pay us either 10000 rubies, or simply put our Website banner on their Myspace page.
Thus, getting the website traffic, thus getting us ads, thus getting paid.
Here is the banner:

Tonight, when I finish blogging, I will proceed to add as many friends to the Myspace affiliated page as possible in hopes to get something to do tomorrow.
It is 2:00 AM.
I drank too much coffee this morning.
My eyes wont shut.

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