Sunday, April 23, 2006

Welcome to the Family

Saturday night at the new Shi Bar in West Hempstead, LI. Now called Zen Lounge.
Pre Bar:

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Got picked up by friends Angela and Jason at 11Pm. The rain was really bad, but it was actually a pretty smooth trip.

When we arrived our ID's were scanned. This is the first time my ID was ever scanned, now that I'm 21. There was a girl setting up to play acoustic guitar and the crowd didn't seem to care. Image hosting by Photobucket

Angela noted that there wasn't as large of a crowd as Friday night but I was still eager to see how the place had changed. The layout of the bar was still the same, with the bar toward the right of the room making a split of who sits at the bar and who sits on the sofas.. There was new black sofa's, new walls, and new bathrooms though. The bathrooms were really nice with some hi-tech sinks that I couldn't figure out to use.

We got a few drinks, and stared at all the Long Island girls wearing boating hats, sweat bands, etc. Typically, two girls we sitting on the sofa with ankle injuries. Softball season has just begun.

Liz staring at the funny Lesbians:Image hosting by Photobucket

Towards the end of the night a girl walked in with pig tails and the ugliest skirt. Liz noted that I could pull this off... But I don't know.

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We stared at girls until 3:30 Am. We were beat, and completely messed up so Jason drove us home. We got home and realized that we had to wake up in a few hours to prepare to pick my parents up from the airport YAY!

We picked them up and had a mini-bday party for my dad.

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the peep cake:Image hosting by Photobucket

Because we got no sleep we were really tired too.. But Dana is just lazy. Infact every time I visit home Dana is napping..

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So even though, its very early.. I think I will take a nap and finish Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs who is now my favorite author ...

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