Monday, April 10, 2006

Lost Monday morning

Every single day equals time passing in which I have nothing to do with myself.
Upside= A)I am reapplying to Queensborough Community College, B) I have successfully scored an interview at a pretty cool Medical Photography place on Thursday @ 10AM
Downside= A) I haven't gotten that job so there is nothing to be excited about. B) I have so many things I want to do this week now that I have time to do them but I am completely lacking any motivation
Things I really want to do now that I have some time :
a) go to the gym everyday that I have an extra 2 hours
b) go to the MOMA to see the Munch exhibit
c)finally pay more attention to a blog
d) read a few books, prefferably while working out at the gym
e) spend more time with family
f) contimplate alternate ways of making additional money
g) write a milliong great songs
h) create excellent art work for Dayglow on my new design programs
... I'm thinking this could go on forever....
I just realized that I haven't washed my hair in about 5 days. I love the way my hair gets when I dont wash it. It starts to dread and creates its on shape. But it also gets kinda nasty... which is why I will wash it as soon as I build up the motivation to go to the gym, because if I go to the gym, I will have no choice but to take a shower because I will most likely smell really bad.
I feel so weird right now, like I have no purpose.
I think I will visit about...

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