Saturday, April 08, 2006

Dancing @ Cattyshack

So here I am, 21 years old... Living it up.
Unemployed, spending money, dancing, drinking, ... And in Park Slope.
Wow, I think I would have had a much better time if I was employed. Right now, I basically equal nothing. (Shows the level of my depression ) I have my band which is doing nothing at the moment, and well that's it.
But I'm definitely going back to school in the fall... yippee.. No Seriously..
Okay now Im off the point.

So I went to this club slash bar thing called Cattyshack in Park Slope, Brooklyn. We didn't really know where it was .. but we drove up a street, saw two chicks (older ones yuck) making out and we knew we were there. ...

We approach the club and right away Liz and I get comments on our hats from a 30 something year old with a choppy hair cut and a beer belly. I don't have enough experience in gay /straight clubs/bars to analyze that situation but it made me feel comfortable as I entered the club... As if Cattyshack has paid her to do this to all the newbee's.

Here I am! One week into being 21, with my cool queer cap and my oh so stylish scarf wearing sidekick. ... Here I am! "New York's, Best of" rated Lesbian Bar. Woo I'm excited.
We walk around, its like hard core lesbians from Park Slope with missing teeth and bad jeans... The kind that cant afford Showtime, they don't even know who Shane is...

We walk up blue stairs into a world of the more chic, tight fitted jeans, shane haired lesbians who are sipping away at their drinks waiting for something to happen......<> I walk up to the bar with Liz, both of us acting like we are underage still, not knowing how to ask for drinks in the "cool" way.... the bartender is totally on to us. But hey, we have to learn somehow....

The night goes on. Basically spent scoping out the hip Park Slope scenery. I had a really good time. The people were all cool, but not toooo cool. Like they probably will be in Williamsburg. And everyone was dancing, some really good dancers, some really bad. Some really cute girls, some really bad. It was a really great mix.

We left when we felt like we had had enough of the scene. And made our way back to Bayside.... Good ole Bayside.

We stopped at Bagel Oasis on the way back and added more carbs into our system. Carbs that I will be digesting till August. <> But I was drunk...

When you're drunk.....
there is no diet,
there is no bad job,
there are no bills to pay,
and everyone can dance.

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