Friday, April 07, 2006

Why I created a blog

....well I created a blog because all of my other blogs are completely outdated. Plus.. I am preparing to have more time on my hands.
... lack of health insurance at the moment means that a blog is a perfect replacement for therapy. Which would be $10 per session even with insurance. The fact that this is free will save me tons of money.
Oh money how I will miss you. You were always there at my disposal, but now we must part ways. You were worth it, but I couldnt mentally bare the agony of 9-5 , or rather 8-6.... I deserved much more of you than was given to me. I never had enough time to spend with you... I couldnt circulate you into the economy and send you on your way of life, like you needed me too. You were stuck in my bank, and I never let you out. How unfair is that??!
Well now all of that is going to change. I am going to consume much less of you, and you will be heavily circulated and happy and your life with me will just as intended, short and sweet.

...Shakespeare Mailing...

Words cannot even begin to express how I feel about this subject. I am physically sick because of it. If there was a possibility of having my mind erased like in Eternal Sunshine .. I would erase the idea of that place. The feelings I have towards that place cannot be posted in the internet realm because if the RIGHT people read it, I will be placed in holding by the secret services because they would consider me dangerous.
But the truth is, Midtown is a huge place, and there are a million Shakespeare Mailings.... and a million miserable people who have lost there minds and just commit to rutine because they are afraid of being in limbo, without a job, without a constant flow of money, without complete control of their life. But nobody controls their own life... Money controls life.

..... I need to control myself. I could definitely write everything thats going through my mind.... maybe I will.. I feel a little better.

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anah said...

Shakespeare blows.
Whenever I have to dial the main line, I hold the phone away from my ear so I don't have to hear Hal's voice.
Only 17 days left for me!!