Sunday, July 19, 2009

Writing Memoirs

Lately I have been thinking about writing my memoirs. Not sure yet whether it is egotistical of me to think that my life deserves a memoirs to be written about it... especially because I am not even a quarter into my life yet.

Comparing myself and my life to the great, Augusten Burroughs, of whom is one of the most brilliant non fiction writers, I do think people could be interested in reading about me.

Nevertheless, I could write a brilliant piece of work and this does not by any chance mean that my writing will be published, but maybe I will feel accomplished within myself?

Maybe it is kind of insane of me to compare my life to Augustens'. He was adopted by his mother's psychiatrist who had tried behavioral drugs out on him, he ran away to work at an ad agency in NYC, developed a substance abuse problem and continued to be troubled by his family and his life. My life is certainly not this troublesome.....yet still a good story.

Who would like to read about a girl who lived in a bubble until the age of 17 when she gave up on school and tried to make it in the music business, getting so close and have it all wiped away. She trained herself in her vocation and ended up moving up to one of the most respectable workplace positions in the industry all at the same time as having 3 life changing relationships and struggling constantly with inner demons. I think this might be a good read for some people.

Maybe I will start writing...
after all... I type pretty fast.

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