Friday, July 03, 2009

Summer 2009

Back when I wanted to be a cinematographer and studied film, I learned that whenever water appears in abundance in movies it is actually a huge part of the story line and signifies CHANGE.

This summer has been "The Summer of Tears" thus far. Since mid June, it has been raining everyday. It is exactly like rainy season in Florida, one moment it is perfect and 80 degrees and the next it is a thunder storm and pitch black. Sometimes I wonder if the weather reflects the mood of the environment...

This summer has definitely been bittersweet. I have made some huge changes in my lifestyle and have been really committed to work harder, workout stronger, and live better. So far so good.
If the weather reflects our environment, then I can only hope it is going to brighten up very soon.
  • Agency life has been getting a lot more rough as of recently.... but in a challenging way.
  • Raph and I are going to be celebrating our first year entwined in each others lives next week.
  • Michael Jackson, Farah Faucet, Ed McMahon.. all dead.
  • Frozen 1 AKA Dana Weingart AKA my lil sister is going away to Oneonta college in a month.
  • Raph is meeting the more and more of my extending family (weird but amazing).
  • Liz AKA MyPopRoks is speculating a move to LA... which destroys me on a million different levels.
  • My grandfather is going through treatment for Prostate cancer - successfully so far.
  • I've re-given up Chicken and fowl - back to only eating fish.
With a year like this, I can only imagine what 2010 will bring.

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