Sunday, May 31, 2009

TWTRCon & Your Mom - San Francisco '09

Right now, I am at TWTRCON. I am blogging... Go Figure. But I am also Tweeting.... A lot. There are sooo many fantastic speakers who I have written about and been a huge fan Girl of for years. Brian Solis being one of my favorites.

The most surprising was the Web 2.0 smarts of MC Hammer. He is such a smart guy. Definitely a pioneer for having been in the business and on the web for almost a decade.

I am taking a lot of Twit Pics that you can check out of the conference but also of San Francisco. This is still one of my most favorite cities in the world.

Thanks to the guys @ AMOG, this trip wasn't as lonely as I thought it would be. They took me out to dinner last night in Japan Town and the sushi was actually pretty amazing.

The one thing I find very interesting about the conference is that everyone here is ALL about Twitter. Every brand on Twitter is here, we all have the SHORTEST attention spans known to man. Our jobs are to have short attention spans.... so why is the conference from 7AM - 5AM with only 4 short breaks. My ADD is kicking in #HardCore!!

Really anxious to get on a red eye on @VirginAmerica (my new favorite airline ever) and suffer through Monday at work. Why did I do that to myself !! However, this day has been very beneficial. Meeting the people who run ground breaking Twitter Accounts has gotten me very excited to get back to work and try out some new things.

:) Stephiji

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