Sunday, July 05, 2009

Frozen2Late Reviews Public Enemies

Friday Night, July 3 2009 -

Raph and I bought e-tickets and printed in advance. We prepared early to go see Public Enemies at the "nice" theater in Queens. We even left an hour early to get parking.

The parking lot was totally packed when we got there and we figured it was going to be insane. However, as soon as we got into the theater, there was nobody on line, which was weird. We waiting on some stupid "Line Forming" line, got some DISGUSTING and greasy popcorn and watched the movie.

For some reason, the trailers were exceptionally loud.... like Ear drum bursting loud. I decided to roll up little pieces of napkin for us to tuck in our ears (Like the Dayglow Studio days). We got into the movie ....

Now don't get me wrong... there is NO bad Johnny Depp movie. That is an OxyMoron. If its a movie about taking a shit, with Johnny Depp, its amazing. The same rule applies for Christian Bale... so the two of the together is a NO BRAINER!

The movie starts off with a lot of wide angles.... then progresses to many over the shoulder, birds eye, sitcom, and hand held view. I started to feel really dizzy. It started to become VERY hard to follow the story line. I just kept feeling shaken up. .... then I would realize that Johnny Depp was playing a sneaky, romantic, sexy, bank robber who would do anything for love.... and it made it worth it.

Christian Bale on the other hand should NEVER EVER do accents. I do not understand why most directors make him do these horrible accents. He is a strange enough actor / person already, in fact sometimes I really do believe he is the same as his character in American Psycho. That was HIS role.

A lot of things come into play here. Is it because I went to see a loud, violent movie with weird camera angles at 12:30AM or is it the actual movie?

I give this movie 4 Stars (by default) because it stars a charming Johnny Depp and a crazy Christian Bale.

However to be honest, if this movie had starred Kieffer Sutherland or Leo or any other actor type that could fill these roles.... I would never have seen it or cared.

And.. as a side note : Marion Cotillard as the Bank robbers love.... simply beautiful and charming :)

Next up ... BRUNO .... Vassup?

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