Friday, March 20, 2009

Sugar Free Redbull Obsession

As spring is swinging in, I am preparing to get my running back up to speed. By April I would like to be running 6 miles every other day. My goal is 24 -30 miles per week. That is a lot of mileage on my body. To get back into the groove, I am going to need to fuel myself with some Sugar Free Redbull.

I am convinced that Sugar Free Redbull is not bad for you. It is loaded with a lot of the vitamins that I take on a regular basis. So what is the problem?

  1. Redbull is expensive.
  2. Redbull comes in many sizes?
  3. Which is the best size for me to drink ?
  4. Redbull is hard to buy in bulk?
  5. Why is Redbull considered bad for you?
  6. Why is Redbull on Twitter some dude from Brazil?

Buying RedBull in Bulk from Amazon is still expensive. For $39 + Tax and Shipping, I can buy 24 small cans of Sugar Free Redbull. Is this worth it?

Any other suggestions of how to buy this amazingly delicious drink in bulk are welcome!

Redbull gives you wings!

1 comment:

Bimmerkindaguy said...

i have to agree sugar free red bull changed my life and is slightly responsible for my recent fortune!!!!