Sunday, March 22, 2009

Im a cat lady!

The other day I realized that I have 6 Cats in my life... I live with 3 of them. I can now identify myself as a cat lady. However, my boyfriend can also identify as a "cat guy" as well. So, it hasn't taken away from my social life :)

  1. Ish (Ishvara) = my personal cat, my number one buddy, chubby kitteh, Master of the "Super Surprise Sneak Attack", Originator of the "Confession Dress Obsession", Viral Video Star - ISHVARA
  2. Moses - AKA Mo,AKA Kiedis, AKA Braindead, brother to Ish and Dylan, Raph's Favorite, the cute one, the shy guy, a fan of the "Confession Dress Obsession".... will always let other kittehs eat food before him ..
  3. Dylan- AKA Pretty lady, the Mysterious Woman, sister to Moses and Ish, she is always plotting something against her brothers, she practices the "Confession Dress Obsession" and even though she always has her own agenda..she is always up for a good cuddle and must sleep on top of your head..
  4. Tom - The talker, Raph's cat, Human stuck in a cat body, Loves to eat with his hands and sit in laps all day long. Also a Viral Video Superstar : Tom Loves Frozen1

5. Weenus - AKA Oliver, Ollie, big fat cat (he's not fat, just a large cat). The cat that costs $80 dollars a month to feed, spoiled, cat of my family, not very friendly to you if you don't feed him, needs to sit on top of a tall closet in an African Boombatta kitteh bed...

6. Moosey - A big talker, cat of my grandparents, lives on a farm in Pennsylvania, very friendly and just wants attention, loves to sit on a heated cat pad.
I never considered myself more of a cat person, compared to a dog person. I love all animals. One day I would love to get a dog, but for now I have my hands full.

What is the "Confession Dress Obsession"

I own a dress from Obsession. It is made of wool and it is black. I have it hung in my closet , however everyday one of the kittehs in my apartment will go into my closet and fetch the dress, pull it into the living room and massage it. No matter where I hide the dress, I come home to the dress on the floor. This has been a mystery for a very long time. I am very unsure why ALL three cats are obsessed with this dress... any suggestions??

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