Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On my list...

Lately, I have been feeling somewhat trapped without a car. I used to have my very own car and would drive everywhere. The weather is getting colder and I am dreading my nightly walks to the gym which is 10 blocks away. I also feel awful when I have to ask friends to get me. I have two very close friends who live 2 miles away and I would love to drop by their houses but I can't!

I have always wanted a Volkswagen Cabrio (above) and 2009 might be the time to buy a new or used one for me. I would probably only drive it to the gym and around during the weekend. Even though gas prices are high, it would still be really helpful to own a car at this point in my life. Especially if I continue to live in Bayside. Driving to a club downtown from here only takes around 20 mins, but taking the train and then walking home takes around an hour.

I also have decided that although my wood floors are great, I would like to have an area rug. I have decided on the Lanai Pyramid rug that I have found at I am thinking to add more black and tan to my color scheme in my place. It would bring out the red and also be a nice accent to the wall decor I am planning. Plus it would match Ish!

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