Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Need A Fix Cause I'm Going Down...

Going to Hawaii was a life changing experience for me. I didn't expect to really learn anything, and I didn't expect to want to. Attending the personal growth conference was really inspiring and prepared me for a lot of things that smacked me hard in the face when I got back to NY.

What I have promised myself this week is to never say that I am bored or comfortable with my situations. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) can change in an instant. Or.. A New York Minute.

Here are the Great things in Frozen2Late's Life right now: (so not to dwell on anything negative)

  1. Morpheus Media (the agency I work for) is doing some pretty awesome things that are really mentally stimulating and I enjoy my work more than most anything I have ever done.
  2. My Yoga practice is in full gear and I haven't really skipped a beat.
  3. I am currently running between 12-20 miles per week and have never felt better.
  4. My MacBook is awesome and it was one of the best purchases I have ever made.
  5. I am currently looking for an apartment for myself which for the first time ever.. I will be able to comfortably afford.
  6. My Hair (although it changes often) looks and feels great and healthy.
  7. I am STILL not biting my nails.
  8. I have Amazing Champion friends who constantly inspire and support every move I make.
  9. I have such an awesome sister who I am getting closer to everyday.
  10. The weather is so nice :)

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My Life In Abundance said...

Thanks for sharing. you sound like a CHAMPION to me!