Saturday, June 14, 2008

Type O Negative @ Terminal 5 WTF


So after snooping around the internets this morning/ night.. I decided to read the Kroosh blog to see what she is doing this month music wise. She used Tourfilter on her blog to let people know what shows she was going to be attending. I had never used Tourfilter, so I signed up.

I might be late to the game but this is a seriously awesome site. You select your location and add some bands that you would like to track. It then recommends bands for you to track based on your selections. You can then see other users who are tracking those bands, add to RSS, get weekly opt in emails, and listen to mp3's. You can also sync it to your iCal. This is freaking amazing.

Because of this tool I was able to find out that my all time favorite band, Type O Negative, is playing at Terminal 5 (which is a really crappy venue) in a few weeks! I checked out tickets immediately, having seen this band over 10 times, and they are sold out... off to craigslist!

Anyways.. Check out Frozen2Late's Tourfilter, and sign up for yourself!

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Sarah said...

Tourfilter is fantastic! Thanks so much for pointing me there.