Monday, June 09, 2008

Say Goodbye to Dry, Damaged Hair

This weekend I helped out my friend set up her Out of The Box blog in exchange for a kick-ass hair cut. I am so happy that I got this haircut for so many reasons. My friend took one look at my dry, damaged hair and said she wouldn't even keep a doll's hair this poorly!!

I really was neglecting my hair. My only worry was how blonde it was..but the constant dying (twice a month heavy dying) was frying my hair to the point that it started to singe at the ends. Sometimes just falling off and crackling.

She took a scissor and chopped and styled and I feel so free and fresh. I hope this feeling takes president over other aspects of my life as well. What a great hair cut for the summer and at temps like 100 degrees today, I couldn't be happier!!

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Jeffrey D said...

Hasta luego!