Saturday, March 22, 2008

Update from Amtrak

Being that I don't have my ipod and I am on an Amtrak train from PA to NYC, I thought it right that I blog. However it would be a lot better to be listening to my ipod while blogging from my blackberry .... I am trying to enjoy the hum of the train tracks and the view of farm land out the window.

The past few months have been really busy for myself. I have done so much actually. Morpheus Media hired me earlier this year to do some Social Media goodness and I am seriously loving it!! It is an amazing company that is full of geniuses. So I keep myself really busy at work and with coworkers. I will likely even be moving to LIC in May to be a roommate of one of my coworkers.

Aside from work I am very proud to say that I have once again found my yoga practice. I practice 4 times per week. I do Vinyasa twice a week and Hatha the other two times. I tack on much cardio to stay fit and it all feels so great. If I had slightly better eating habbits I might be more excited about summer clothes.

Being that I am writing this from my Blackberry I am sure there are many errors and I will have to edit it at home. But this is a good update for now...

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