Monday, September 03, 2007

He's probably looking for some thunderstorms to rock out to!

I highly reccomend watching the show Flight of the Conchords on HBO after that horrible show about Aquaman. Of course you have to consider that Flight of the Conchords has taken over the spot for Sopranos which is probably the hardest shoes to fill in all of cable television history.

Here is the deal.
The show is about Jemaine and Bret and their manager Murray. Jemaine and Bret are from New Zealand and have a band called Flight of the Conchords. Think Tenacious D... their songs are good but meant to be funny. The guys have been around for years in New Zealand but have landed this amazing HBO show, with HBO funding.. and the coolest of cool settings in Brooklyn, NY.
You follow the guys around in their effortless, yet meaningless approach to RockStardom. Murray tries his hardest, with all of his passion to help the guys succeed. Only 12 episodes in .. and I am HOOKED.

Here is a video of my favorite song by the Conchords...

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