Thursday, April 05, 2007

Vitamin D

Thursdays feel so good for some reason. I get to sit home and relax before I head into work. I do things to take care of myself for a few hours and its so needed by this time. I am going to get my nails done in a few minutes, then I am going to go tanning which I know I have made fun of for so long but I do like it. Its relaxing and the heat feels so good... plus everyone looks better with a tan.

My family is in Florida right now with my grandparents and I am taking care of the apartment, which is the reason I haven't moved out sooner. Joe has been staying here since they have been gone and it feels so much different than staying at his place because this actually feels like our own place might feel like... and it feels so great. We will probably move to either Flatbush or BedStuy. Of course I'd prefer to move to Park Slope but its just too expensive and we will never be able to save for later or travel to the places that we want to.

Last night I got a phone call for a job offer to be a PR for a small promotions company. I wouldn't have to quit working at the Zoo and I could still plan to go to FIT in the fall. So basically it is perfect. The owner of the company wants meet me this weekend and wants me to start working on Monday. It's important for me to be making more money than I am now because I am totally going to contribute to the high rents of Brooklyn, and I'm not going to live small.

This past weekend we celebrated my birthday at this nice club called Plan B. A lot of people came out for my birthday and that really made me happy... but not everyone. Basically I know my life is totally different than it used to be and of course this is everything that I asked for by making changes... but little things get to me. When you lose five years of friendship with three people .. you miss the little things. But what can I do? These are the choices and sacrifices I have made.

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