Friday, June 30, 2006

This should be amusingly devastating.....

New survey from KIM:
Past & Present......

IN 2001:

How old were you?: 16

Where did you go to school?: CARDOZO HS

Where did you work? Iceland Skating Rink in New Hyde Park

Where did you live? Bayside (Windsor parks)

Where did you hang out? In various woods areas and people's houses.

Did you wear braces?: not in highschol, but I did in Middle School

Did you wear glasses?: if I did, it was only for show

Who was your best friend? Lindsay

Who was your regular-person crush? lt changed every month..

How many tattoos did you have?: only 2!!

How many piercings did you have?: 11

What car did you drive?:none.. I was only 16 and I didnt start driving until I was 18.

What was your favorite band/group?: Type O Negative haha I was really badly obsessed.

What was your worst fear?: Umm probably getting in trouble with my parents, oh man how things change.

Had you smoked a cigarette yet?: Yes probably like 15 of them a day.

Had you gotten drunk or high yet?: Yes both, I was one of those unruly types

Had you driven yet?: I tried it a few times, but I was no good, just like now.

Had you been to a real party yet?: Yes and too many of them at that.

Had your heart broken? Yes unfortunately but at the time I didn't realize it anyway so it didn't matter.


July 2006

How old are you?: 21

What grade are you in?: 15th or .. finishing my sophmore year of college finally.

Where do you go to school?: Queensborough Community haha no big surprise

Where do you work? Breakdown Records and Curves Gym for Women

Where do you live: Bayside ( in my own apartment might I add )

Where do you hang out? In the basement of Breakdown Records, or any bar that they have good chicken wings.....

WHAT Is ur hairstyle? Black , weird self cut angles and stuff

Do you have braces? Nope

Do you wear glasses? nope

Best friends? Lindsay, Liz, and Catty

Still talk to any of your old friends: I try but a lot of friends don't remember me and I don't remember them, I dont like awkward sitatuations and stuff like seeing old people from school. It's usually not a fun encounter.

Who is your celebrity crush? Typically, Jonnhy Depp, Ville Valo, Thora Birch (not so typical)

Who is your regular-person crush? I dont crush, I burn....

How many piercings do you have? 12

How many tattoos? 13

What kind of car do you have? '98 Plymoth Neon hand me down from my dad, but hey...

What is your favorite singer/band/group? My all time favorite, oh man, I can't decide. Probably still.... HIM

Have you been to a real party? Yessss, and I throw good ones too.

Has your heart been broken? Still.... Yes

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