Friday, April 14, 2006

Gay Marraige

This coming June it will become illegal (if the government wants it to be, which they do) for New York citizens to travel to states in which they offer gay marraige, to do so and get married. In order for homosexual people to be able to officially get married after June, they will have to be a resident in a state in which it is legal.

I never thought getting married was even a big deal until now. Now that I have to get married by June. I have been in an amazing relationship that has been on and off for about 3 years now and I do one day want to get married when all of the families are in to it, and they all come to term with the fact that there daughters are indeed in a gay relationship and that there really is no difference at this point in time except for the legalities of it. We will still have children, we will still be happy, we will still live and die just the same way as straight people. I'm ready to get married mentally but the family is not.

What to do...

Well in a short while it won't matter. In a short two months it will be impossible for me to ever get married. It is infact just a piece of paper that means nothing. We could very well make up our own documentation for a lesser cost and indeed think we are married but fact of the matter, what really makes me mad, if we CANNOT get married after June then our parents are right. And in the end no children ever want to admit to their parents being right, even if they are just recently right because of a new passed legislation.

In the end... the many conversations spent with mom about her being upset because I was going to have a hard life, and I ensured her that she would be wrong and my life would come very easy, ended up being true. Infact my life will be very hard. I will never be able to share in the wealth of my spouse, which is something heterosexual people take for granted. I will not be the first one informed if my spouse has a life threatening disease, and I will be denied tax and insurance benefits.

But am I happier? .. of course.

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