Saturday, April 15, 2006

Another day of this...
I'd love to just call this emotion, "Bayside".
Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't have quit my 9-5.
I should have at least waited til pay day.
It's such a beautiful day out for NYC.
It usually only stays this way, with the light sun and the cool breeze, for about 2 weeks. And then its just disgustingly hot for two months.
I hate New York right now.
I do not want to spend the summer here.
Especially not in this apartment.
During the summer, the electric bill costs about $300 a month.
I wonder what it would be like to live somewhere totally insane. Like what if I just up and moved to a hut in the Fiji Islands.
Would I be happier?
I'd probably work 9-5 at some resort over there.
The Poconos-
As Dayglow began to get into some conversation into nowhere last night, about what we think we are doing, what we could possibly do, and what was realistic... Liz came up with a fabulous idea.
I don't want to get too excited.
It still might not happen.
But Liz promised.
Liz's mother and her Kenn own a house in the Poconos away from this speed addicted rent city, away from Bell Blvd., away from 9-5, where the snow is embraced, and the warm winter nights could be peaceful by the fireplace(instead of in a 1.3k a month apt in Queens not knowing if the heat will come on).
Will that make me happy?
At the point I dont even know if that is the point.
I'm on google so far all day researching the Pocono's.
The jobs, the people, the shopping, the amusement, the night life.
I mean... I'm not that much of a city girl, I can possibly adjust.
Liz was raised in upstate NY, she will adjust.
And Lindsay's middle name is adjust.
As for Catty, her situation is a little more complicated.
She will travel back and forth from the Poconos, to Bayside, back to the Poconos. I'm not sure how that will work, and why she wouldnt end up living with us anyway but that is up to her to decide.
In a way I still wanted to know what would have happened if all the members of Dayglow were to expload on each other. In tears and hysterics, being upset about the other's problems.. and in the end going to a bar and make jokes about the fight.
Dayglow is pretty stable... as stable as a girl band can be.
We still fit the stereotype.
In the Poconos, we will be able to work at simple jobs at the resorts nearby and pay less rent, because afterall, its the family house. In the end, it seems like a wonderful plan.
If this doesn't work, nothing will.


eternity said...

Happy Easter !

Hi, I would like to invite you to visit

eleka nahmen said...

In the eternal words of Jonathan Larson: "Anywhere else you could possibly go after New York would be a pleasure cruise."

I must say, I'm looking forward to making the city my own domain, though. There's something very appealing about a city of anonymity.

Frozen2late said...

Jonathan Larson would have moved out of the city too.