Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How do you know when you know....

If we spend all of our years trying to find somebody to fill something inside of us.
If we really try, really hard.... Chances are we will create this person inside of everybody that crosses our path.
Is she or he the real true piece that is missing? Or have we just imagined that some small piece of them is just like us?
How do you know when the world is ready for you to meet the piece inside of you?
Do you think you will ever be ready?
When you find that person, will he or she be everything you thought?
We already know it is not something we can be ready for.
We already know that we cannot plan on knowing anything at all.

We already know that person when he or she is brought to us.
We know exactly how they speak, how they smell, how they feel to the touch.
We have always known them.

When we meet, what are we supposed to do?
Is that what "they" mean when they say "You will just know"?

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