Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Creepy Weird Dude targeting young females on Facebook

Joseph Schara - you have created a customized "Become a Fan" Self Serve Ad Unit on Facebook that is targeting ME. What a surprise....

  1. Why are you targeting 24 year old girls on Facebook?
  2. Why are you not wearing a shirt in your picture?
  3. Why are you wearing an almost choker like necklace?
  4. Why is there a PUPPET on your shoulder??!!
You have made it seem like Facebook is suggesting that you should be my friend! That is a very wise tactic, Joseph. However, why is it that you are paying for people to think they should be your friend?

Do you really want to be my Facebook friend, are you lonely, are you weird, or are you going to SPAM message the hell out of me with weirdo cassette tape subscription finds for 29.99 per month?

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