Sunday, March 30, 2008

Frozen2Late Turns 23!

On March 27Th Frozen2Late turned the ripe ole' age of 23! I feel somewhat old but I do realize I am still very young.

I really wanted somebody to send me something to my office, preferably Edible Arrangements, but ... well that did not happen. I am not bitter, I swear.

I had prepared a nice spot on my desk and everything...

However, on Friday night, one of my very best friends.. Lindsay (who is in the awesome band; Sad Android) came all the way to Chelsea from Huntington, Long Island with homemade Farmer Bob Pancakes (inside joke).

The pancakes had small beer bottle candles, and a big Ariel (Little Mermaid) candle in the middle. She made them with bananas and blueberries with cut up apples on the side. She even included a small bottle of maple syrup. What a nice way to feel special on my Birthday!
Thanks Lindsay!

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